FOTA Want Neutral FIA President

June 25, 2009

After yesterday’s announcement that there would be only one F1 world championship next year, and that FIA president Max Mosley would be stepping down as of October this year, the teams are hoping for a neutral president to govern the sport next.

“We would like someone independent from any of us,” was the word from John Howett, FOTA’s vice-president and president of Toyota. “It would mean a much better balance.”

The statement comes a day after Mosley agreed to stepping down as president of the FIA, despite saying two days ago he would continue to stand for election when his current term of office runs out in October.

The teams will play no part in choosing his successor, however. That is the task of the World Motor Sport Council, and former Ferrari boss Jean Todt’s connection with the presidency role would be ruled out if the teams’ calling for a neutral president was to succeed.

Yesterday, FOTA president Luca di Montezemolo, told Italian media of the deal with Mosley: “The satisfaction is that all of our requests have been accepted.” He explained that for FOTA three things are important: that F1 remains as F1, that there is no dictator and there can be a choice of rules, and that whoever has a team is consulted and has a voice.

Toyota president, John Howett, said of the agreement: “I am pleased that FOTA’s proposals have been endorsed and approved by the WMSC,” adding: “This will ensure that we move forward on the basis of stable, proper governance.”

Bernie Ecclestone said that he was “very happy common sense has prevailed.”

It was revealed today, that Renault boss, Flavio Briatore, is to work with Ecclestone to finalise details for a new contract with commercial rights holder CVC, headed by Ecclestone; and to improve the experience for the fans of the sport.



  1. I think they need a woman as FIA president – if the atmosphere in F1 wasn’t so testosterone poisoned, it might not keep getting into these scrapes:-)

  2. The row can be attributed to Max Mosley’s penchant for power and the disregard of those within FOTA. FOTA must have a voice. After all, it is their money they are spending not Mosley’s.

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