FIA and FOTA Reach an Agreement

June 24, 2009

After what seems like a lifetime of rowing between the FIA and FOTA, an agreement was finally made in Paris today at a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council, over the F1 budget cap row.

Max Mosley has said that following talks between the F1 governing body, the FIA, and the Formula One Teams Association, FOTA, a breakthrough deal has been made that will prevent the sport from splitting in two.

The news comes after weeks of rowing between the two sides, with FOTA having delivered the most recent blow to the FIA, by announcing their plans to start up a breakaway series prior to the British Grand Prix at the weekend.

After the FIA announced the plans of a £40 million budget cap to be put in place in 2010, several of the teams, including Ferrari, declared they would quit F1 if such plans went ahead. After signing up to next year’s championship, subject to conditions, eight of the current F1 teams, led by FOTA, threatened to start up a rival championship last Friday, sparking a further war of words between Max Mosley and the teams.

Since his interview with BBC’s Jake Humphrey in Silverstone last Friday, many fans have slammed Mosley’s insult, referring to many of the teams, including Renault boss, Flavio Briatore, as “loonies”, as unprofessional, calling further for his resignation from the governing body. 

And after much speculation in Silverstone at the weekend, the warring bodies, led by Mosley and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo for FOTA, met this morning in Paris.

Mosley emerged saying that an agreement had been made and that part of the agreement involved him standing down as president in October, when his current term of office ends.

“There will be no split.” He said. “We have agreed to a reduction of costs. There will be one F1 championship but the objective is to get back to the spending levels of the early ’90s within two years.” He added: “I will not be up for re-election now we have peace.”

A statement from FOTA is yet to be heard, but for now it appears the war is over, and it looks like there will be only one world championship next year, and it is likely it won’t be led by Mosley. The rules will be set to remain as the 2009 regulations.



  1. It certainly seems that FOTA have got everything they wanted out of this – I loved the statement on the Ferrari website that there would be transparent governance with no rule changes by one person – or words to that effect.

    I personally won’t actually believe that Max is going until someone else is installed as FIA president and Max is seen walking across the Place de la Concorde with his belongings in a red and white spotted hankie.

    Who do you think is the likely successor? Jean Todt is the name that’s being bandied around by some people?

    • Yeah, that’s likely, I’ve also heard perhaps Ron Dennis? It’ll be interesting to see if he does stand down, he’s said he’ll do it before, and he didn’t, but I guess time will tell! To be honest though, he really has to after this row, I don’t think FOTA will be very pleased if he goes back on his word…

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