Lewis Tells Moyles: “I’m a Real Sunday Driver!”

June 10, 2009

Lewis Hamilton popped into Radio One for a chat with Chris Moyles this morning and claimed he is a “real Sunday driver” off track. The reigning champ joined the Chris Moyles Show to talk about this year’s Formula One season and his wheels away from the circuit.

Lewis said of his time on the breakfast show: “This is really cool!” And talking about the current season he sounded up beat, despite the lack of pace in this year’s car. He said: “We have had clearly a terrible year compared to the past years,” adding, “the car’s not really wanting to go round the corners very well.” When Moyles asked him why he was so up beat, he laughed: “I am on the Chris Moyles Show!”

Talking about life away from the world of F1, he spoke about the cars he owns. Compared to his work’s car, a single seater MP4-24, his seven seater family GL Mercedes sounded a tad on the big side to Comedy Dave, but Lewis says he likes to have space and comfort and somewhere to keep his mountain bike. His other set of wheels is the Mercedes Black Series, but adds he cannot drive anywhere in Geneva faster that 40kph, or otherwise 25mph. He said: “Where I live there are speed cameras absolutely everywhere.” When Dave mentions being sent on a speed awareness course after driving at 34mph in a 30, Lewis laughs, giving his own wise driving advice: “You should’ve said your speedo was out or something!”

Despite driving fast cars for a living, Lewis says he is a safe driver, and doesn’t have any points on his licence. He said: “One thing I always remember since I was really young, you have to be safe on the road.”

When asked by Radio One’s listeners on the text if he would like to be the Stig one day, he immediately refused. And talking of the Stig, Moyles asked him if he knew who the Stig was. Lewis simply said: “I don’t know who the Stig is,” adding that when he was on Top Gear last, he didn’t take his helmet off, and didn’t even lift his visor. When Moyles then speculated if it could be Clarkson, he said: “It is definitely not Clarkson!”

Whilst on the topic of what he would like to do when he retires from the sport, he said he wanted to try other things, including acting. Producer Rachel mentioned the infamous TV ad with Fernando Alonso, his then teammate, advertising Mercedes-Benz, in an off-track race where the pair compete against each other to the music of “Anything you can do, I can do better”. Talking about the adverts he has stared in, Lewis said it is easy to film them as you don’t have to talk, but one day he would like to try his hand at acting for real.

For now anyway, Lewis is back in the UK ahead of next weekend’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Incidentally, when asked when he got back to the UK, he merely spoke about what he did on the way home, saying he left Turkey straight after the race, and flew to Germany where last year’s car was launched at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. He said: “They have brought it back home after winning.” When asked by Moyles whether he wishes he could keep the car he simply replied: “I would like it back!”, a sign that this season’s car isn’t working the way he would like.


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