Ferrari Quit Threat

May 12, 2009

Ferrari have shaken up the world of F1 by announcing they will quit the sport if the £40 million budget cap goes ahead in 2010.

Ferrari’s fears of a two-tier system emerging between those teams accepting the budget cap and those who don’t, have prompted the threat which was announced today.

A statement issued by Ferrari said: “No F1 in 2010 if the rules change.” They have said they do not intend to enter their cars into next season if the budget cap remains.

Their position comes in light of the meeting between the board of directors in Maranello and ahead of planned talks with Max Mosley in London later this week.

The team have made their position clear: if the new regulations come in, the team goes. The regulations call for the current teams, and prospective teams for the 2010 championship, to enter their cars into the next season by May 29th, and confirm whether they wish to accept the budget cap. For the teams who accept the proposals, they will have more technical freedom in the 2010 season, with those declining having less freedom.

The threat will put Max Mosley’s previous claims to the test that the sport could carry on without Ferrari. For others, they do not see the team pulling out of the sport, but they have said their threats are not posturing.

Bernie Ecclestone dismissed claims that Ferrari would quit Formula One for good, telling the Times: “Ferrari are not stupid. They don’t want to leave Formula 1 and we don’t want to lose them, so we’ll get to grips with it.”

For the drivers, current champion Lewis Hamilton said he “could not imagine” the sport without Ferrari, and Renault’s Fernando Alonso said it would be “impossible” for it to happen.

Both Toyota and Red Bull had previously threatened to pull out of the sport if the rules do not change, but Ferrari’s threat has shaken the sport up, since they are the longest standing in F1, the most famous, and most successful.


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